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Maintenance and Repair Service Company

Maintenance and Repair Service Company

From the Order Receiving to Project Completion

Application for all companies providing maintenance and repair of any equipment.

The application is based on a database. Contacts, customer detail, and related service orders are stored in this database, including job records done with respectto your processes.

Thanks to the application, you will not lose track of individual service orders and you will have a history of service for each customer.

A comprehensive overview of every order is displayed for a given day or week on the home page. You can filter the necessary data in the application to find out the technicians’ workload, number of orders, number of trips, spare parts balance in stock, etc.

The application is also designed for smartphones or tablets. The field technician can enter everything into the application and generate a service report, which can be signed electronically by the customer on the spot.

Working with the system is fast and intuitive. When you are entering business customers, just enter the company name and the rest of the data will be automatically filled in from the Ares database.

Impress Your Customers

A lot of information can be emailed to your customers automatically by the application. Emails can include warranty expiration notifications, regular device check notifications, and much more.

Your customers can have access to an electronic manual for their device using this application. This access to the manual can be given to the customer, for example, by a QR code.

If the technician is in the field and carries out service at the customer, he can simply generate a service report on the tablet, which the customer signs electronically.

Application that adapts to your business

  • Applications can be customized to fit your business processes
  • The application is created in a stable Microsoft 365 environment – MS SharePoint
  • app version for smartphones and tablets
  • Only installation of the application is paid (2 hours of customization included)
  • Then only a monthly or yearly Microsoft 365 subscription and Resco Mobile is paid
  • Microsoft 365 is updated regularly, so your application is always ut to date
  • Microsoft 365 licenses can be used to replace your old
  • Office application will be then always up to date

For every company that wants to:

  • speed up and streamline its service
  • provide their customers with something more than other companies
  • clearly and quickly record service processes
  • record all necessary information about customers and individual service tasks
  • be able to customize the application
  • have a quick and easy look at the company-wide service plan and all important information
  • keep under control all the necessary service checks
  • notify customers automatically
  • have all the data preserved and not lose any

An application that adapts to your company’s service processes

Service order records can contain everything you need to record:

  • date of commissioning
  • the name of the company / individual who commissioned the device
  • device type, device serial number
  • type of service (warranty, post-warranty)
  • Replaced / repaired parts
  • any remarks on service performed
  • price lists of individual services and components
  • and much more

Installation in your environment

  • + initial customization to your business processes within 2 hours




Subscription to one of the Microsoft 365 plans

  • We will select the Microsoft 365 plan together, according to your requirements