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Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

Record all important information in one place

It is essential to have an overview of the candidates and positions you want to fill. That’s why you can find candidates and their files in the heart of the Recruitment Agency application.

For each candidate, standard contact information is registered such as email, phone number, address, link to the LinkedIn profile, customer and the position for which the candidate is being sought.
The current state of negotiation can be seen as well. Many features can be customized to fit your company.

The user-friendly overview makes it easy to work with the information and data the company has.
Thanks to this application, the personnel and employment agency owners will not lose any data about applicants and clients.

Application that adapts to your business

  • Applications can be customized to fit your business processes
  • The application is created in a stable Microsoft 365 environment – MS SharePoint
  • Only installation of the application is paid (3 hours of customization included)
  • Then only a monthly or yearly Microsoft 365 subscription is paid
  • Microsoft 365 is updated regularly, so your application is always ut to date
  • Microsoft 365 licenses can be used to replace your old Office licenses
  • Office application will be then always up to date
  • Of course, you can pay only for the SharePoint subscription in which the application is created.

For every recruitment agency that wants to:

  • record clearly and quickly all information about candidates and customers
  • be able to customize their app to their business processes
  • search for suitable candidates from their database immediately at the meeting
  • immediately share client-specified positions with other colleagues
  • have access to their database and online office from anywhere
  • share information about candidates and recruitment progress with their clients
  • have all the data preserved and not lose any

Application customized to your business processes

  • Database of candidates and companies containing mutual links
  • Clear information about candidates, their current status (candidate verification, interview, interview at the client, etc.)
  • Records of all communication and notes for each candidate
  • List of filled positions and their description with links to candidates
  • Comprehensive list of contact persons
  • Possibility to share information about applicants with a client

Installation in your environment

  • (for 1 – 5 users) and initial customization to your business processes within 3 hours

PRICE: 30 000,-Kč

Subscription to one of the Microsoft 365 plans

  • We will select the Microsoft 365 plan together, according to your requirements
  • The application runs on the Microsoft 365 platform

PRICE: from 113,-Kč to 284,-Kč a month per user

Add-in for fast resume data scanning

  • This is a variable item, the application may or may not contain it

PRICE: 2.403,- Kč for 3000 pieces of scans per user